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April 16, 2011

What can you see with a 4.5″ telescope? – Moon

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Today I saw the moon and it was awesome. In a way this is the first light for my telescope even though it is second hand. I could clearly see the mountains, impact craters, lava filled craters, craters with a small peak right in the middle, the dark colored flat regions on the moon, craters within a crater, so on and so forth ……………… 🙂

When I used the 25mm (36X with a Meade 4400) eyepiece, the moon filled the field of view while the 12.5mm (73X with a Meade 4400) eyepiece allowed me to view about half of the moon and more details. The 4mm (228X with a Meade 4400) eyepiece showed only a small fraction of the surface but it enabled me to see numerous surface features. However since I was at a high magnification, the moon moved while I was viewing it and in few seconds I had to realign my telescope. After a while this became irritating and I switched back to 12.5mm eyepiece.

My 3X Barlow lens was not of much use since any magnification at or above 200X causes the moon to quickly move out of view (I do not have tracking mount).

Pics are coming sooonnnnnnnn ………… (if I can manage to aim my DSLR into the eyepiece without smashing my camera’s lens!!)

PS: Viewing from backyard in the light polluted city of Phoenix, AZ, USA

Pics are not at all good since I was pointing my DSLR on the eyepiece and contorting my body in all possible ways to align with the optical axis, a.k.a. “afocal coupling“. This is pretty much the size that you will get to see with a 12.5mm (73X with a Meade 4400) but it will be much more clear and sharp.

CLICK the pic for better view

CLICK the pic for better view

CLICK the pic for better view


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  1. wow nice pictures, i am exited I just got this telescope from my parents it used to be theres but they never used it, I cant wait to see the moon and maybe take pictures like yours. i saw the moon tonite for the first timethrough the telescope and although it was a bit cloudy it brought tears to my eyes when i saw the moons craters, I always wanted to see the moon like this, I can’t wait for a nice clear moon day to see it better. Thank you for your post this will come in handy i am so exited cant wait to figure out how to get my camera all hook up to take some picture. thanks

    Comment by nathalie — February 28, 2012 @ 12:38 am | Reply

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