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May 10, 2011

What can you see with a 4.5″ telescope? – Saturn’s rings

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Today I saw Saturn’s rings. Saturn is very easy to spot with naked eye and at a convenient elevation at 9 pm.

25mm (36X with a Meade 4400) and 12.5mm (73X with a Meade 4400) eyepieces worked just fine but the 4mm (228X with a Meade 4400) eyepiece was very susceptible to vibration, quickly moved out of view, and was blurry due to atmospheric disturbance.

The 25mm eyepiece resolved the planet as a small circle but the rings and its shadow did look like horns on the plant 🙂 The 12.5mm clearly showed the ring around the planet. I also saw a spec of light very close Saturn, I think it is one of the moons but got to confirm it. Neither of them could resolve any surface features on Saturn.

Again my 3X Barlow lens was not of much use since any higher magnification caused blurry images and the subject moved out of view (I do not have tracking mount).

Later I will try to snap a pic 🙂 You know what they say “pics or it did not happen”

PS: Viewing from backyard in the light polluted city of Phoenix, AZ, USA

Pics are not at all good since I was pointing my DSLR on the eyepiece and contorting my body in all possible ways to align with the optical axis, a.k.a. “afocal coupling“. This is pretty much the size that you will get to see with a 12.5mm (73X with a Meade 4400) but it will be much more clear and sharp.

CLICK the pic for better view

CLICK the pic for better view


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