Arun Waves

May 5, 2010

Rover robot

muah ha ha ha ……. my first minion ……… its ALIVE 😈

What every tech-nut dreams of; build your own robot! Finally I built my obstacle avoiding rover robot using;

  • Arduino Duemilanove – robot brain
  • Hi-Tec HS 311 servos – actuator/ drive for wheels
  • spring loaded single throw switch for sensor (mustache/bump switch)
  • wheels from a “99 cents only” store toy
  • don’t own a drill (sigh 😥 I know) so used masking tape to hold plywood sheets which form the chassis

It is a simple one, to get my feet wet; Arduino drives 4 servos, mustache detects obstacles, simple algorithm reverses rover and turns it to avoid obstacle. Turning is achieved by reversing rotation direction on one side of the rover.

Here are some pics and yessssss a video 😀

Testing servo after modifying it into a continuous rotation servo

Layout of 4 servos and corresponding wheels on the chassis

(after few hours) ta da; used velcro and masking tape to hold components together, did not put any effort to hide the ugly guts of the rover. I did not provide detailed instructions for constructing the rover since there are plenty of sites which already do a good job at it. But feel free to ask any questions, I would be glad to answer them.

Here is a video of stress testing the rover to determine the maximum incline that it can handle:

Next step is to add a SHARP IR Range finder to detect obstacles and take evasive action before the rover makes contact with the obstacle.

It will be interesting to explore alternative styles of robotics like legged robot or non-processor robot like the BEAM robots. Avenues are plenty, the only limitation is time!


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