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June 8, 2012

Venus transit – June 5th 2012

This has been a good year for amateur solar astronomy folks – a solar eclipse and Venus transit in the same year 🙂 And for someone in Phoenix, we are weather proofed he he he – no clouds to worry about.

After the solar eclipse experience I felt I could do better, not just pics but something that gives a feeling of being there, so I decided to do a time-lapse video for Venus transit. The trusted Windows Movie Maker, in its new form – Windows Live Movie Maker did a good job; it took some time but here is the result……

PS: The yellow Sun pics were taken by Canon DSLR through solar glass filter. The almost black and white pics (magnified pics) were taken by a SONY point ‘n shoot with afocal coupling through my 4.5″ reflector with Baader solar filter sheet. See solar experience post for pics.


August 2, 2011

Nice infographic about Solar System and distances involved

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I found this great infographic which gives a mind boggling insight into the distances involved just with in our Solar System. Similar infographics are available in abundance but this one has a new twist in that it shows the distance traveled by light in time scales that we use in our daily lives. The original link of the articles is here. This infographic is a long one so I am posting couple of screenshots to entice you 🙂 You can find the infographic below the screenshots.

PS: The below picture of the Milky Way is an artist’s rendering and not an actual image. To do this we will have to send a probe outside the Milky Way (as of 2011, we have barely managed to send 2 probes out of the Solar System). However this picture is not just wild imagination. We have photographed other galaxies and we have studied (& photographed) our own Milky Way from inside and this picture is a combination of all that knowledge.

Ah … the (below) picture that shows the size of planets and Sun to scale. No matter how often I see this, it always amazes me. All the Sun has to do is send out a little burp and we will simply cease to exist!!

And here is the infographic, you may begin your journey …………… Live Long and Prosper
Our solar system to scale from the sun to the most recently discovered dwarf planet Eris in astronomical units.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

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